About Us

About Us

We are Calltronix, We have a story to tell

Calltronix Contact & Training Centre is a business communication and collaboration process automation company that utilizes the latest technologies and best industry practices to improve productivity, efficiency and accountability within organizations. We are a next generation business intelligence unit with smart communication solutions.



Conform to the industry’s best practices to provide our customers with the highest levels of efficient personalized service and constantly improve customer experience by connecting business needs with state of the art IT solution.


Calltronix aims to be a one stop shop for all your telephony, IT and marketing needs, offering convenience, productivity, cost savings, and reliability.

Who we are

Competency, Best practice, service excellence, integrity and honesty are values which are cornerstones at Calltronix.


Why Calltronix

Calltronix Contact & Training Centre is a Business Process Solutions Company providing, customized service solutions to a wide variety of industries, providing multi-channel support services, including Telephony, customer relationship management (CRM) customization, contact Centre operations, digital marketing, logistics, POS and other support solutions to our clients, emerging organizations, across our multi-site operations in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Djibouti.

Calltronix is focused on providing the highest levels of personalized service to both local and international customers through best practices, emphasis on automation and technology adoption in addition to constant, timely and relevant communication and reporting, ensuring satisfaction with every interaction Call- tronix aims to be a one stop shop for all your telephony and IT needs, offering convenience, improved efficiency and productivity, cost savings, reliability and accountability within organizations.

  • Management Involvement

    At Calltronix, micromanagement is considered to be effective, as senior management involvement is believed to help set an example. From the inception of Calltronix to date, our directors have been actively involved, making their presence felt at every level. Our management team actively encourages our colleagues to build leadership skills that enable them to take on new opportunities within the company.

  • Flexibility

    Telecom is a diverse industry where in we need to cater to Clientele with varying needs, requirements, constraints and challenges. At Calltronix, we know the importance of being flexible and adapting to the needs and requirements of each Client, so as to meet our customers’ expectations, within the shortest duration, budget requirements and most feasible telephony solutions.

  • One stop Shop

    As an established operation in Dubai, UAE, with experienced professionals, Calltronix is able to provide telephony products and services from designing and setting up your IT and Telephony systems, including Networking, Process & Workflow Implementation and Roles assignment for Data Protection to outsourcing inbound and out- bound calling, social media and data management, email, SMS and digital marketing.